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Ohad Sobol  Lawyer

Ohad Sobol  Lawyer

Education: Haifa University (LLB).

Fields of occupation: commercial litigation in all shapes and forms, including: arbitration, mediation and representation before the courts.

Adv. Sobol interned in the Litigation Department in the Goldfarb & Co law office, and continued to serve there as an attorney after concluding his internship. During his work he acquired considerable experience in administration of complex litigation cases, including those relating to government, private and public  companies, foreign corporations and private individuals. Adv. Sobol also acquired experience in work with government authorities in supporting liquidation of companies, banks, hedge funds, class action suits, arbitration and wording for legal expert opinions.

Adv. Sobol specializes in handling complex and challenging litigation cases, including financial claims, partnerships, companies laws, real estate claims, building failures, class action suits and liquidation of companies.

Languages: Hebrew, English

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