About Us

Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Firm is a boutique firm, specializing in varied commercial litigation, including representation of clients in complex and multifaceted disputes, at large scopes, in every field of commercial law, including but not limited to, corporate law, capital markets and securities, partnerships, banking, real estate, petrol and energy, insolvency, intellectual property, class actions and derivatives suits, libel, professional liability insurance and officers' responsibility, wills and estates etc.

The firm is ranked in DUN'S 100 ranking, by Dun & Bradstreet Israel Group, which is the leading ranking for companies and business in Israel, at tier one in the field of commercial litigation, as one of the Leaders among law firms in Israel (and one of the few boutique firms ranked at tier one in this ranking). The Firm is also ranked by BDI ranking as one of the leading and outstanding law boutiques in Israel in the field of commercial litigation.

Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Firm manages, inter alia, takeover disputes in the largest and most known private and public companies in the Israeli economy. The firm also gained reputation in the management of proceedings related to the protection of minority shareholders in companies (such as derivative suits, minority oppression etc.).

The firm represents its clients in large scale litigation in principal lawsuits against banking institutes and also handles settlements at large scopes with banking, institutional entities and other creditors. The firm advises its clients in complex legal issues related to the capital market and represents both institutional entities and private investors in legal disputes in this field.

Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Firm is characterized by its uncompromising struggle to the benefit of its clients, its “outside the box” strategic and creative thinking and its unique way of customizing ad hoc legal solutions. The firm prides itself in the personal service it provides its clients, being fully committed and highly available to them.

The firm provides an overall management of crisis and disputes, including their management outside the court, as well as in commercial and media aspects, in order to provide better results for its clients. In the framework of dispute management, the firm pays special attention to details as well as to an in depth and through analysis of its cases, undertaking initiatives constantly and keeping a qualitative writing of the highest level of eloquence, as part of the overall array of its renowned professional excellence.

The firm represents its clients in all instances, mainly before the District Courts and the Supreme Court as well as in arbitration proceedings and alternative dispute resolution. Other disputes are managed behind the scenes and outside the court as they are settled promptly to the client’s satisfaction, after consultation and close, thorough and focused representation.

The legal staff of Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Office currently consists of ten lawyers and two interns who are a source of pride for the firm. The young, unified and quality staff is considered a promising force in the legal field and is known for its creativity as well as of its orderly thinking. The team always studies the material, the data and the laws thoroughly and in depth, leading to an uncompromising legal professionalism which constitutes the added value that the firm’s clients enjoy.

The firm’s lawyers have extensive experience representing clients in complex cases with great public interest and stand at the forefront of the legal knowledge in the area of commercial litigation. The team frequently keeps up with innovations in its field of expertise, in order to provide its clients with uncompromising legal services.

Among the firm’s clients

Many clients from the Israeli business elite, including leading public and private companies and dominant businessmen in the Israeli market, enjoy the firm’s professional legal services, emphasizing the promotion of their business needs. Among the firm’s clients are also lawyers and CPAs who require consultation and personal representation as well as international clients who are in need of close and daily consultation and representation for their affairs in Israel.