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Where will the line be drawn? next elected officials will try to cancel the bribery offense

"IDB's External Directors Appeals the Decision to Oblige Them to Expose Material"

The Supreme Court resurrects the liquidators of Better Places' lawsuit against Idan Ofer and Shai Agassi

On Zoom or in the courthouse, the show is relevant than ever and it must go on

Aviv Giladi sues 3.9M NIS of Real Estate Agent Commission from Udi Recanati

Nahum Bitan: Haphoenix and Rodav sabotaged competing proposals

Inheritance Theft and Defamation: Sadigura – Behind the Scenes.

Israel Seeks to Erase Archives of Intel Firm Psy-Group Employed in anti-BDS Campaign

A special interview with advocate Ophir Sabari - DUN'S 100

Petition by "Or Hahayim" association granted: "Kol Yehuda" Yeshiva to be evicted

Project W- Tower Tenants are being sued for 24 Million NIS

The request for the receivership was canceled to the owner of a construction project in Kiryat Malachi

The Million of dollars conflict between PIni Rubin and Johnson & Johnsom’s previous senior entrepreneur: “Louis Pel is avoiding legal fee payment”

After 8 years: Hershey Friedman is leaving, the residential project in Romania is underway

The Endemol transaction is underway: Polar is selling 13% of the chain’s shares for 1.5 million dollars.

The Shushan brothers and the Sluk brothers present: this is how to take loans for 65 million dollars - buy prestigious apartments

Azorim did not report about a claim totalling NIS 125 million against it

Delek Energy is justifying the bonus to Tadmor: “So that the Court will not be blinded by the sum”.

“They built a company on contacts in the Israel Aerospace Industry and then emptied its coffers”

The candidacy of Dor Artzi has been approved for the Chair of the Manufacturers Association

The State and Ayalon will compensate NIS 2 million to the purchasers of land under false ownership

Claim: the misrepresentations as to success in detection of cancer caused damage of NIS 30 million.

A remedy with a sting: Is the scientist Tamar Yehuda-Cohen a serial swindler?

The Court dismissed the petition to liquidate against Ronen Crystal

Judge Mark-Hrozenchik is threatening to write off the claim of NIS 2.3 million of Bank Hapoalim

The Jerusalem contractor Cadouri: The Mercantile Bank caused us damages of NIS 35 million.

Liquidation Manager Moves to Erase Computers of Company Investigated by Robert Mueller’s Team

Court: The fight over Ninet: Adler-Chomski will pay Zarmon part of its profits from the Delta campaign.

“The liquidators claim against the managers of Better Place is disgraceful; the hunting season is at its peak”

A huge claim against the founders of Better Place: “they were negligent and led to is liquidation”.

A petition for a class action suit against Mei Eden

The Old Seminar responds: “We will stay with this petition to the end”

On Zoom or in the courthouse, the show is more relevant than ever and it must go on

Bnei Brak Municipality decided to support students – but only if they are boys

The Collapse of Better Place: The Lawsuit That Could Redefine Directors' Liability

"You can bring in 20 million dollars – it's crazy": behind the scenes of the tax shelter industry

The Canadian Court ruled: Black Cube Was Paid "Large Sum" to Embarrass a Judge

You've been fired? Deprived of your rights? Entrepreneurs' dispute in a profitable company has reached a verdict

Rare compensation: Ten thousand drivers who took car loans will get 1K-1.5K NIS

Eviction claim by Or Hahayim against Kol Yehuda granted

A huge claim against Newcom, Harel and Clal was rejected

Goes to court Elena Malysheva diet

It's time to give teeth to the Supervisor of Banks

Court dismissed Better Place's liquidators' lawsuit with prejudice: "We're all smart in hindsight"

The “Vered Zahala” purchase group is prosecuting Calman Sufrin

Orenstein will decide whether to accept the debt arrangement of 85 million dollars for the Fore Group.

Bank Hapoalim was negligent: it will compensate a foreign company from Hong Kong with NIS 3 million

Claim: the money disappeared between Gibraltar and London

The mediation proceeding between PwC and Hanania Gibson has blown up

Wiliger returns fire: Adv. Caliph is the one who owes me NIS 12 million”

Hanania Gilbstein v. Kessleman & Kessleman: “The claims of obsolescence are outrageous, false and weak.

The Portfolio Manager Ophir Kraus will compensate customers with NIS 24 thousand

Scientists who worked in the past with Dr Tamar Cohen: “The entire development was based on erroneous and fraudulent scientific information

They are running to Court: the sum of the claims against banks increased by 17% in 2008.

The banks are delaying the monthly pension payments from Germany

Dear Customers: How do we recommend working with the bank

Netivim Daron: U Dori Construction refuses to pay us 6 Million NIS

Court: Adler will divide its profits from the Ninet Delta campaign with Zarmon

Yiron: Members of the Kibbutz management are called to testify

Shareholder in Lapidot attacks: "There is concern that Luxenbourg will use inside information for personal gain."

Will a "right of wrong" arise from a right of action?

After deleting Pama from trade: concerns of holding shares undercover

A massive lawsuit against Newcom, Harel and Clal was rejected

Ethnic origin? An ultra-orthodox girls study seminar has been obligated to accept girls of Sephardic origin

The court prevents IDB's board of directors from hiding behind attorney-client privilege

Off record – Ad. Shira Markovitz & Ad. Dor Segal joins partners to Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Firm

The Defense Attorney's Job is to defend also in the media - this is a defense arena like any other

From the dividends to the big corruption scandals: the 10 most prominent legal proceedings concerning economics of the coming year

The Canadian Court: Black Cube Tried to Embarrass a Judge with a $ 11 Million Fee

Bitan received another opportunity: Damari Group will provide the network with 250M NIS

Off record – Omri Andorn joins as partner to Sabari Farkash & Co. Law Firm

Kol Yehuda to evict buildings of Or Hahayim in Bnei Brak and pay 1,085,000 shekels

Motion for a class action against Newcom, Fund Up, Harel and Clal summarily dismissed: "Filed on wrongful grounds which are purely revenge"

Former mayor of Rishon LeZion is claming 30 million NIS from Yishpro and Gav-Yam

Is there something to hide? Israel wants to erase the computers of the company that fought BDS and was involved in The Trump’s investigations

The Million of dollars conflict between PIni Rubin and Johnson & Johnsom’s previous senior entrepreneur: “Louis Pel is avoiding legal fee payment”

Due to a class action suit for NIS 60 million against Mei Eden: “it is raising prices without notice”.

The creditors’ arrangement for the owners of Fore Group: 50% of the debts will be deleted

Fore Group: Prestigious apartments in Arsuf and North Tel Aviv, Jaguar - and the debt arrangement

Bank Hapoalim is negligent: a foreign company from Hong Kong will pay NIS 3 million

“Melisron acted as thugs in order “to bury” an asset in the Ramat Aviv shopping mall”

Zarmon is claiming NIS 7 million from Adler Chomski: “It stole the Delta campaign with Ninet”

Kalif claims NIS 4 million Williger says: "I did not pay for tax arrangements"

Kesselman & Kesselman in its defence: “Bureaucracy not shoddy work”

Demonstrators: “We are all Kraus casualties”

Tamar Yehuda-Cohen: a swindler or a genius?

Victory to Ronen Crystal: the petition for liquidation of the parent company Julex Capital Markets Ltd has been dismissed

Two directors were deleted from the class action suit against TRD. They joined the company after the transactions.

Court: A bank prosecuting a customer is obligated to provide it with documents

The senior managers at Better Place are being prosecuted for NIS 200 million.

Lapidoth Capital wants to purchase half of IDO's shares held by its subsidiary Lapidoth Heletz

Better Place's collapse: Court dismissed a huge lawsuit against Shai Agasi and Idan Ofer.

The Kesselmand & Kesselman accounting firm was negligent - and will compensate a client with some NIS 3.5 million

Kesselman and Kesselman will compensate a client for NIS 4.5 million for negligence

So we tried to influence the elections: the dark side of business intelligence

Dispute between partners in the Eini and Brosh gas company

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