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Divon Farkash  Founding Partner

דיבון פרקש

Adv. Divon Farkash has an LLB degree in law from the Tel Aviv University, magna cum laude, an LLM degree majoring in commercial law, Tel Aviv University, magna cum laude. During his studies, Divon worked as an intern for Judge (Ret.) Hila Gerstel, was a member of the editorial staff of the Tel Aviv University law journal “Iyunei Mishpat” and participated in the Rights of Criminal Process Clinic led by Prof. Kenneth Mann nad Judge Itay Harmlin. Prior to joining Adv. Sabari, Adv. Farkash worked for several years in the Litigation Department of the Berkman-Wechslar-Bloom & Co law firm, firstly as an intern and thereafter as an attorney, and handled complex cases with high media exposure.


Adv. Farkash specializes in the fields of commercial litigation, corporation laws including control disputes in companies, class action and derivative suits, liquidation of partnerships, banking and the capital market, real estate and inheritance and estate laws, and is well known in these fields due to his professional excellence. Adv. Farkash has unique specialism in the field of attorney ethics, and he has represented the Israel Bar Association within the framework of disciplinary proceedings. Adv. Farkash also lectures in seminars of the Israeli Bar Association on the rules of civil procedures. His clients include local and international clients, including public and private companies and individuals.

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