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Nir Sharfan  Lawyer

Education: LLB degree, Hebrew University Jerusalem, BA in Middle Eastern Studies (magna cum laude) Ben Gurion University.

Languages: Hebrew, English, (spoken) Arabic

Fields of occupation: civil and commercial litigation, banking, corporation laws, labour laws, real estate, planning and construction.

Adv. Shafran worked in the past as an attorney at the law firm of Erlich Rosen & Co, where he handled a wide range of cases, inter alia in the fields of civil-commercial litigation, labour laws, real estate, planning and construction, maritime insurance, companies laws and more. Furthermore Adv. Shafran specialized in preparation of service agreements to the banking sector. Adv. Shafran performed his internship at the law firm of S. Biran & Co where he gained experience in handling commercial litigation cases for some of the largest groups in the economy, in preparation of agreements in the fields of real estate and infrastructures and handling real estate transactions at their various stages.

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