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Noam Mehager  Lawyer

Noam Mehager  Lawyer

Education: The College of Management Academic Studies, Rishon LeZion, LL.B. specializing in Commercial Law and B.A (Accounting).


Languages: Hebrew, English.


Specialty: Commercial and civil litigation, including corporate law and non-profit Law, liquidation and merger proceedings, drafting agreements and conducting negotiations with emphasis on various commercial agreements, intellectual property, tenders law, advising and accompanying corporations and non-profit organizations on regulatory matters vis-a-vis government authorities.


Adv. Mehager worked in the past as an attorney at Ophir Katz & Co. where he handled a variety of commercial litigation cases including liquidation, intellectual property and commercial agreements, as well as ongoing counseling and accompaniment of corporations and non-profit organizations, particularly institutions of higher education. Prior to that, Adv. Mehager worked for several years in the  Israeli Corporations Authority (ICA), first as an intern later as an attorney, where he dealt with complex cases in the framework of supervision of corporations, including liquidation proceedings, investigations and proper management.

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