Ophir Sabari  Founding Partner
אופיר צברי.png

Adv. Ophir Sabari has close to 25 years' experience in the field of litigation, during which he established himself as a one of the most esteemed commercial litigators in Israel, particularly amongst the attorney community, who's senior members recommend Adv. Sabari over and over again.

Adv. Sabari studied at the Faculty of Law at the Tel Aviv University, he interned at the firm of Dr J. Weinroth & Co and thereafter worked as an intern, an attorney and a partner in the Berkman Wechsler law office.

In 1998 Adv. Sabari started out independently and founded the Sabari-Yuval & Co law office in which he was active until he founded the Sabari-Farkash & Co law office.

Adv. Sabari personally advises senior officers in the economy on general and legal issues relating to their activity. He has considerable experience and extensive knowhow in all the fields of commercial law, and advises and represents complex cases and disputes, amongst the most difficult in the economy, both behind the scenes and in courts, with great success.

Adv. Sabari also serves as an arbitrator and mediator in complex disputes between leading bodies in the economy and has served in the past as a director in public and private Israeli companies.

Education: an LLB law degree from Tel Aviv University (1992).

Languages: Hebrew and English